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Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your personal assets, with best-in-class, affordable insurance packages from the most trustworthy insurers in the market. Simply choose the kind of insurance you’re looking for, enter your information, and we will tailor the ideal, cheapest and most comprehensive package suited to your every requirement.

Buy personal insurance solutions online today!

Personal Insurance

Motor Insurance

Buy your car insurance online today from the highest-rated insurance providers in the UAE. Choose between comprehensive cover, which offers protection for your own vehicle as well as any third parties involved in any accident or altercation; or only third-party liability cover — also known as TPL, this only protects you from damages caused to a third party in an accident, for which you need to pay.

Khaleej Time’s special motor scheme can be accessed through our motor portal below.

What's Covered:
Damages/losses from accidents or collisions, theft, fire, as well as personal injuries caused to the driver or passengers by a vehicular accident.
Personal Insurance

Home Insurance

Whether it’s your home, office, factory or warehouse, find complete insurance packages with just one click. The cover includes protection from accidents as well as disasters, including fire, theft, natural disasters and other unfortunate occurrences.

What's Covered:
Damages/losses due to fire, burglary, accidental explosions, natural disasters (earthquakes, storms, floods).
Personal Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has always been important, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become almost mandatory. Protect yourself and your family on any kind of personal or business trip with easy, affordable travel insurance packages that you can book entirely online.

What's Covered:
The covers can include emergency medical expenses, refunds in case of flight cancellation by the airline, some types of unavoidable delays, lost or stolen baggage and personal liability cover.
What's Not Covered:
Missing your flight, causing voluntary damage aboard an aircraft, trip cancellation due to wrong information provided.
Personal Insurance

Health Insurance

Having health insurance is mandatory by UAE law. Find the most affordable health insurance packages online right here, and safeguard yourself and your loved ones with covers that protect you when you are ill or suffering from any health conditions, illnesses, accidents or emergencies.

What's Covered:
Protection against unforeseen costs arising from illness and injury, both inside and outside of hospitals. Coverage can include protection for dental and optical treatments as well.
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